Grilling Safety

July 1, 2020 | Tower Hill Insurance

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According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), three out of five households include an outdoor grill, smoker, or BBQ.

From 2014-2018, fire departments responded to an annual average of 8,900 home fires involving grills, and an average of 19,700 patients went to emergency rooms each year because of grill-related injuries. (SOURCE: National Fire Protection Association)

Whether you are preparing for a summer cookout or need a quick fix for storm season power outages, it is likely your favorite grill master has the answer! Never forget, safety should be every griller’s #1 priority!

Here are some safety tips your family’s grill master should keep in mind.

  • Maintain and clean your grill routinely, and for gas grills, check regularly for leaks.
  • Only use grills outside and away from buildings and deck rails.
  • Never, ever leave a lit grill unattended.
  • Enforce a three-foot safe zone rule around the grill to help keep children and pets safe.
  • Plan ahead for putting out flames: fire extinguisher, sand, baking soda, or garden hose.
  • Use common sense: never move a hot grill, and to avoid burns, use only long-handled utensils.

Stay safe and happy grilling! For more tips and helpful videos, such as how to test your grill for leaks, check out the National Fire Protection Association.