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    From the Learning Center

    • pet safetyKeep Your Pet Safe During a Storm
      Often local shelters will not accept animals, so there’s a good chance your pet(s) will be with you for the duration of a storm event. Be sure to make plans ahead of time for your four-legged family members.
    • Spring Homeowners Insurance: A Seasonal Guide
      Spring brings warmer weather, blossoming flowers, and opportunities to address your homeowners insurance needs.


    • Binding Updates
      The Tower Hill Companies are currently binding new insurance policies and accepting requests to change coverages on existing policies. Please contact our Customer Service Center or your insurance agent with any questions....
    • Tower Hill Insurance Completes Reinsurance Program
      Gainesville, FL (June 1, 2023) / PRNewswire / Tower Hill Insurance Exchange (Exchange) is pleased to announce the completion of our Florida reinsurance program ahead of the June 1 renewal date. Exchange has secured close to $2 billion in ...