Tower Hill Reviews

  • Robin C.

    Policyholder, Jacksonville, FL
  • Francis E.

    Policyholder, Beverly Hills, FL
  • Alan K.

    Policyholder, The Villages, FL
  • Janice K.

    Policyholder, Palm City, FL

    “My claim was handled very professionally and promptly. After I faxed all the documents I received my check within a week. Thanks for the great support in a difficult situation.”

  • Ronald V.

    Policyholder, Ocala, FL

    “My adjuster’s name was Alan Sundhiemer. He was the best. He always called me back in a timely manner. He deserves a raise. I have been the insurance business for 40 years. I would hire him in a minute. Tower Insurance you are lucky to have...

  • Stephen T.

    Policyholder, Naples, FL

    “Our claim occurred late afternoon on a Friday. Tower Hill sent someone out that evening which we thought was exceptional. By doing that we are sure they saved our home from severe water damage. Not only did they respond promptly I can’t say...

  • Wendy G.

    Policyholder, Cape Coral, FL

    “I was extremely happy with the service Tower Hill provided after I reported that I would need to make a claim. Friendly, courteous, and very helpful. The adjuster contacted me promptly and arrived during the specified time. I thought the process would take forever but...

  • Karen S.

    Policyholder, Lake Wales, FL

    “This was the first time we’ve ever had to file a claim and we where very impressed with how friendly and helpful our adjuster was. We had heard horror stories from other’s about how their insurance treated them and were a little afraid to file...

  • Krista M.

    Policyholder, Boca Raton, FL

    “I found Tower Hill adjusters to be very responsive and helpful. Being robbed is an unnerving experience. I had been warned that dealing with the “insurance company” was going to be a bad experience. Not at all true. Tower Hill was...