How do I make a payment online or by phone?

To pay online using a checking account, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or a debit card (with the Visa or MasterCard logo), Access Your Policy Information. To register, you will need your policy number, agent ID, and property zip code; this information is located on your policy declarations page. To make a premium payment by phone, please call (800) 342-3407.

Where should I mail my payment?

A payment coupon and envelope are included with each premium invoice for your convenience. You may send the payment to:
Tower Hill Insurance Group
P.O. Box 947001
Atlanta, GA 30394-7001

Overnight payments should be sent to:
Tower Hill Insurance Group
Lockbox Services Lockbox Number #0947001
3585 Atlanta Ave
Hapeville, GA 30354

I need to make changes on my policy (i.e., mailing address, billing plan, coverages, etc.). Whom should I contact?

Your insurance agent can assist you with making policy changes. For your convenience, your agent’s name and phone number are listed on your policy declarations page and on your premium notices. You may also log in to your Customer Portal account to access your agent’s contact information.

What happens when I update my payment method online?

We appreciate your taking the time to keep your payment method up to date.  If you correct a credit card expiration date, enter a new card, or add a checking account, that information will be stored if you ask us to do so.  Please be aware, however, that entering this information will not trigger payment for a transaction that was previously rejected, on a past due invoice, or a Non-Pay Cancellation Notice.  If you need to make a payment in these circumstances, please call our Customer Service Center at (800) 342-3407, Monday through Friday, between 8AM and 6PM ET for assistance.

What should I include with the payment?

Please include your payment coupon, if available. Write your policy number in the memo field of your check. If you are sending a money order or cashier’s check, be sure to include your name as it is listed on your insurance policy.

My policy premium is paid by my mortgage company, and I received a Notice of Cancellation for non-payment of premium. What should I do?

Contact your mortgage company as soon as possible to confirm when they sent the payment. If the mortgage company has already sent the payment, request that a front and back copy of the cleared check be emailed to action@thig.com or faxed to Tower Hill at fax number (352) 332-9999. Your policy number, your name (as it appears on your policy), and payment amount should be clearly identified in the mail or fax.

What is the relationship between Tower Hill and its agents?

Tower Hill uses independent agencies to place business with us and service the policies.  We are not a direct-writer company that sells policies to the consumer.  Your agent controls your policy and can place it with any insurance carrier that you and your agent decide provides you with the best value.   Your agent may also place other policies for you and therefore has a comprehensive knowledge of your family’s exposures and all the insurance products you’ve purchased.

If you contact our Customer Service Center, we are pleased to provide assistance with billing. Tower Hill bills you or your mortgagee directly, and your agent is not responsible for that function. We can also help explain policy rating factors such as credits and surcharges, but we cannot recommend changes. If you would like to make a policy change or review your coverage options, we will ask you to speak to your agent because he or she has more complete knowledge of your insurance program. Your agent can also assist you with policy notices that require an explanation from our Underwriting Department.

I have a new policy. Will Tower Hill need to inspect my home?

Yes, Tower Hill contracts with a company that inspects almost all of our new policies. The inspector will come to your home 1-3 weeks after the policy is put into effect, knock on the door, and introduce themselves. The inspector will measure the perimeter of the home and take photos. They will not try to access locked areas.

There may be some instances in which an internal inspection may be necessary. In such cases, the inspection firm will contact you to schedule an appointment.

How does the underwriting process work with a new policy?

Homeowners coverage is different from most other new insurance policies in that coverage can be bound by an appointed agency, but the insurer’s Underwriting Department will review and approve it afterwards. This is because a homeowners policy often has to be bound right away, such as for a new home purchase. The State of Florida gives the insurance company 60 days to complete its underwriting process. This includes review of the application, all supplemental inspections, the company’s own inspection, and consumer reports. Typically, the Underwriting Department waits until all the information is available to begin its review. Coverage and pricing are not final until the underwriting process is concluded.