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The Best Hurricane Apps in 2023

July 20, 2023 | Tower Hill Insurance

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During storm season, the information you need is only a click away with helpful hurricane apps for your smart phone or other device.

Nowadays, there’s almost always “an app for that!” so be sure to check these out before storm clouds are heading your way. Most of the apps are free and available for both Android and iOS.

Disaster Planning

Emergency – American Red Cross

Hurricane - American Red Cross App ScreenshotThis must-have free app from the American Red Cross covers all the bases when it comes to preparing your family and home. Features include an emergency plan tutorial, custom alerts and push notifications, maps, and a customizable “I’m safe” alert for Facebook, Twitter, email, and text.

Android | iOS


FEMA App ScreenshotLocate emergency shelters and recovery centers in your area using this free FEMA app. At most locations, FEMA representatives will be available on-site to provide assistance. You can also receive real-time alerts from the National Weather Service, plus emergency tips for 20 types of disasters.

Android | iOS

Severe Weather

My Hurricane Tracker & Alerts

My Hurricane Tracker App ScreenshotThis free app features interactive tracking maps for each hurricane, 5-day outlook, track hurricanes, tornadoes, tropical storms, and severe weather.

Android | iOS

Storm Radar

Storm Radar comes from The Weather Channel Service and lets you track hurricanes with their mobile app or on the web. You can zoom in and receive detailed information on when the hurricane might hit a location.


Evacuation & Travel

First and foremost, know your evacuation zone and route options ahead of time. offers an excellent resource for maps and routes. Review and confirm your maps and routes annually, as they can change.

Google Maps

Google MapsGoogle Maps is a free GPS app that will find alternative and toll-free routes. Pro tip: Maps can be downloaded to your device in advance, so you won’t have to rely on spotty or congested cellular data service.

Android | iOS


GasBuddy App ScreenshotAs we learned from past storms (and pipeline shutdowns!), pumps can go dry fast if there’s a storm coming. GasBuddy is a free app that tracks gas prices, station locations, and availability in real time. You can even report price gouging if a station is illegally charging unreasonable prices.

Android | iOS

Home Inventory

It’s important to have an up-to-date home inventory whether a storm is brewing or not. If you experience damage to your home or personal belongings, being able to provide your inventory information to your insurance adjuster will help to speed up the claim process.


HomeZada App ScreenshotA complete home management app, HomeZada is free if all you need is the home inventory feature. A template home inventory is available, and you can easily take photos of your rooms and items, add notes, and estimate values. With a paid subscription, HomeZada adds a home maintenance calendar, remodel planner, and home finances tracker, among other premium features.

Android | iOS


Sortly App ScreenshotThis free app ($29/month if you want to add more than 100 items) allows you to keep track of individual items, their cost, and the amount of each item you have. Using your smart phone or device, you can take multiple photos of items that you can tag individually with this device.

Android | iOS