Atlantic Five-Day Tropical Outlook | September 4, 2019

Dorian hugs the East Coast, new drama in the Tropics | CAT365

September 4, 2019 | Chad Trosper, BPMP

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Dorian is now making her way along the Florida Coast towards Georgia and the Carolinas.

Currently, Dorian is a category 2 hurricane with 110 mph winds, moving NNW at 7 mph. It could make landfall near the South Carolina/North Carolina border as a category 1.

Dorian Forecast Cone | September 4, 2019, 8am EDTNow on to some new Drama in the tropics:

  1. We have a new Tropical Storm, Fernand, making landfall in Mexico.Fernand NHC Cone | September 4, 2019, 8am EDT
  2. We have Tropical Storm Gabrielle in the eastern Atlantic. Gabby is no threat to land.Gabrielle Forecast Cone | September 4, 2019, 8am EDT
  3. Then we have Drama (aka Humberto??) coming off the African coast. It looks to be a low rider, and low riders love heading west. This one will be the one to watch for the next 10+ days. I’m not going to promote modeling this far out, but its position coming off the coast does raise concern based on past storm tracks this time of year. Nothing official, just keeping a close eye on it.Potential Humberto rolling off the west African coast