Décor Trends 2016

May 23, 2016 | Tower Hill Insurance

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For those who prefer to focus their creative energies indoors where it is climate controlled, wow your summertime guests with the latest design trends.

The top trends this year include some retro themes, plus a few you may not have heard of.

  • The “Glamily” Room. Even if your home is full of kids and/or four-legged family members, you do not always need to choose function over form. One of the latest buzzwords in home décor ¾ glamily room ¾ offers a creative approach. By definition it is family living space that incorporates style and a bit of glamour, along with practical and durable pieces. For suggestions on turning your family’s favorite space into a “Glamily” room, check out these ideas.
  • Black Stainless Steel. It is true … “black” really is the new stainless! According to Elle Décor, polished stainless steel is becoming history. If you are not due to shop for appliances anytime soon, you may want to wait a little while for the next trend to be in style.
  • Mixmatched Cabinets. If symmetry is your go-to design, it may take some time to warm up to the concept of mixmatching cabinets. Using two different styles for cabinets can definitely create a “wow” effect, when paired perfectly. Along the same lines, including mixed materials in kitchens is becoming increasingly popular. Combine rustic with modern to achieve this new look.
  • Outdoor Fabric Used Indoors. Durability plus style creates a win-win for nearly any décor. A wide range of “outdoor” fabric is available to choose from these days. All too subtle stripes, dull solids or oversized leafy prints now belong to yesteryear.


Not sure where to begin? Take a quick online quiz to discover your personal style with the help of design experts at Houzz.com and/or Better Homes and Gardens (BHG).

If you plan make renovations to your home, such as a kitchen remodel or a new roof, be sure to contact your agent so your policy can be updated to ensure you have necessary coverage.  Major repairs and enhancements to your home may even qualify for a premium credit.