FAQ: What to do after you receive your claims payment

January 18, 2023 | Tower Hill Insurance

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You may have already received an explanation of your claim settlement from Tower Hill, which explains the benefits provided under your policy for damages suffered. So, what is the next step? Below we’ve included answers to frequently asked questions that you may find helpful.

I don’t know whom to hire for repairs. Who can I call?

Our preferred vendor referral program, CastleCare, powered by Alacrity Solutions, is available to help at 844-TOWER-11 (844-869-3711). CastleCare provides roofing, mold remediation, contents pack-out, and general contracting repair companies available to help. They also provide a 1-year materials and 5-year labor warranty.

If you already know of a reputable licensed contractor in your area, you can choose to hire them instead of using CastleCare. Below we’ve listed some helpful tips for selecting a contractor. Please be sure to consider the following:

→ Work only with licensed and insured contractors.

→ Get everything in writing from the contractor, including the total cost, a detailed list of what the project includes, time schedule, guarantees and/or warranties provided, and payment schedule.

→ Ask for references and check them out.

If you receive repair estimates from a contractor other than through CastleCare, please provide the estimates to your claims representative for review. You can upload the documents to your Customer Portal account at THIG.com/Portal, or you can email the estimates to claims@thig.com. Be sure to include your claim number in the subject line.

I don’t think this is enough money to make the needed repairs. What should I do?

Contact your Tower Hill Claims Adjuster — we’re here to help! Your Tower Hill Claims Adjuster can answer any questions you have and explain your available options, such as scheduling a re-inspection or requesting additional estimates. Be sure to call us to discuss your concerns and find out how we can help.

What if the cost of repairs is more than the amount that I have received?

You can provide additional documentation to Tower Hill (i.e., receipts, estimates, etc.) for consideration by uploading the documents to your Customer Portal account at THIG.com/Portal. You can also email documents to claims@thig.com. Be sure to include your claim number in the subject line.

I have not been reimbursed for the contents of my home — what should I do?

If you have damaged or lost contents and have not been previously reimbursed, please email a list of items for review to claims@thig.com. Be sure to include as many details as possible: model/style number, purchase date, original cost, etc., along with any photos. Also, include the claim number in the subject line of your email.

If you do not already have a home inventory completed, click here to print our Personal Effects Inventory Form (or go to THIG.com/claims then “Downloads” to download a Word version of the inventory form). You can also update your claim with additional documentation, such as photos, estimates, and receipts, by uploading documents to your Customer Portal account at THIG.com/Portal.

Because of the extensive damage to our home, we have been unable to live there. Will we be reimbursed for living expenses?

If you’re unable to live in your home due to storm damage or during the repair process, please contact your adjuster. Based on the terms of your insurance policy, your adjuster can explain your Additional Living Expenses (ALE) options for covering the cost of alternate housing and other expenses.

Be sure to keep your receipts for costs that may be eligible for ALE reimbursements. Examples include the following types of expenses:

→ Lodging or rental costs
→ Moving and/or storage costs
→ Restaurant meals, etc.

You can email copies of your receipts, short-term leases, or any other documents pertaining to additional living expenses to Tower Hill at claims@thig.com with your claim number included in the subject line. Or upload the documents to your Customer Portal account at THIG.com/Portal.

Because of the extensive damage to our home, I need to find a place to stay. Can Tower Hill help?

Yes, we can refer you to a relocation service. Call our Customer Care Center at 800.342.3407 and ask to speak with your desk adjuster, who will be able to help provide you with a relocation referral.

I’ve been asked by a contractor to sign an Assignment of Benefits form. Should I sign it?

Never sign any document before reading it carefully, especially the fine print. To be sure that your rights are protected, we recommend contacting your insurance agent or Tower Hill Claims Representative before deciding to sign an Assignment of Benefits Agreement. Please be especially mindful of a contractor or repair company asking you to sign documents that assign your insurance benefits over to them. By signing an Assignment of Benefits Agreement, you may be signing away your rights.

If my insurance company and I cannot reach an agreement about the cost of damages, what is my next step?

The Florida Department of Financial Services has a mediation program in which Tower Hill participates, and it is at no cost to the policyholder. Should you have a conflict with your insurance company, please contact the Florida Department of Financial Services at 877-MY-FL-CFO (877-693-5236) or send Tower Hill a written request requesting Florida Department of Financial Services Mediation.

How do I find out the status of my claim?

You can check the status of your claim 24/7 online using your Tower Hill Customer Portal account at THIG.com/Portal. If you have submitted additional documentation for our consideration, you should receive a timely reply. With any questions, please contact our Customer Care Center Monday through Friday at 800.342.3407.