Hiring a Contractor

May 11, 2015 | Tower Hill Insurance

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How do you minimize risks to you and your family when hiring a contractor such as a landscaper, roofer, or handy man? Here are some things to consider…

When a project leads to an accident, it could be the contractor you hired, his employees, you, or your neighbor that is injured. Not to mention, the more likely potential for damage to your property and your neighbor’s property.  While you cannot possibly eliminate all risks as a homeowner, here are a couple ways to minimize them:

Licensed AND Insured


Make sure the contractor is licensed and has at least workers compensation and liability coverage to cover himself, his employees, and his subcontractors.

Trust but Verify


Ask the contractor’s insurance agent to provide proof of the specific insurance coverage for the contractor, how it applies, and confirm it is in force during the duration of the project.

Warn of Hidden Danger


Be sure to give any person visiting your property, including contractors, warning of concealed hazards which are or should be known to you which are unknown to the person visiting your property.