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Home Improvement Apps for the DIYer

April 7, 2021 | Tower Hill Insurance

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If you love DIY projects or know someone who does, these apps are great tools to have available all year long.

Measure by Google turns your Android smartphone into a level, protractor, or ruler. It’s perfect for helping to hang your art or complete a fix-it project.

For Apple users, the Measure app typically comes preloaded on your device or can be downloaded from the App Store.

ColorSmart by BEHR allows you to upload photos to your Apple or Android device to help match colors or get a better idea of how a new paint color will look with your furniture. This handy app is great for sharing your DIY project on your favorite social channels.

Garden Plan Pro: Available only for Apple products, this app provides a plant database to design an herb or vegetable garden, big or small. How-to articles, tips for avoiding pests, plus the best times for planting in your region are included.

Garden Organizer: This garden management app for Android users helps you arrange your plants on virtual garden beds. You also have the option to add comments, so there’s no longer the need for plastic markers that always disappear when you need them most! You won’t forget what you’ve planted, where, and when.