Disturbance #2 | August 21, 2019

Chantal is named, and our newest system to watch | CAT365

August 21, 2019 | Chad Trosper, BPMP

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A trio of updates today as the Atlantic starts to show signs of life.

Update 1: We have our 3rd named storm of the season today. Chantal is expected to head out to sea and is not a threat to land.

Update 2: We just had a new system pop up on the NOAA this morning. The system has a 20% chance of development over the next five days. Currently, it looks to be a rainmaker for Florida this weekend through Monday of next week. Then it’s expected to head out NNW along the east coast. This system could develop as it passes Florida and heads northward along the coast, so keep watching.

Disturbance #1 | August 21, 2019

Update 3: This is the system I’ve mentioned the last few day that was expected to head into the Gulf later this week. Surprisingly, there’s no mention of it on the NOAA currently. There are some healthy looking storms here. Models are not currently developing the system much as it heads into the Gulf toward Texas and Louisiana over the next few days. We’ll need to watch this system since conditions are favorable in the Gulf for development.

Disturbance #2 | August 21, 2019