Invest 97 IR Satellite | September 17, 2019

Humberto heading out, and Invest 97 heading in | CAT365

September 17, 2019 | Chad Trosper, BPMP

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Humberto is still strengthening as it heads out into the Atlantic and is expected to become a major hurricane by tomorrow with winds exceeding 110 mph.

I97 is looking healthy this morning on radar. The disturbance has some strong storms building, and it’s and getting its spin on, so it has the building blocks to strengthen. I assume it will be named shortly, and that name will be “Imelda”.  It’s Spanish/Italian for Warrior Woman. Yup. Straight up Warrior Woman. Terrible sound, but super cool meaning.

Invest 97 ECMWF Ensemble | September 17, 2019
Invest 97 GFS Model | September 17, 2019

Again, it’s all about timing, and nothing’s official this far out.

Oh, and still expecting that wave off Africa next week that could be a gamer. Blah…