Trosper’s Gut | CAT365

August 24, 2023 | Chad Trosper, BPMP

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Well, it seems my ranting for the past week of a Caribbean Creeper coming into the Gulf was legit.

NOAA has now blobbed up an area to watch in the Caribbean that is already at a 40% chance. So I guess it wasn’t the wife’s Steak Florentine that was causing that rumbly in the tumbly. Anyhow, enough about my digestive tract; let’s get into this Caribbean Creeper potential.

So we have an Orange in the Caribbean with a 40% chance of development. I see this percentage going up over the next few days. Now, like I’ve been saying, this system could be a threat in the Gulf next week. Models continue to be off and on around development, but we all know that Gulf systems don’t play. So I think we need to be storm-ready for this one folks. Currently, tracks are too far out to pin down, but long-range ensembles support a north pull into the Gulf and potential push west-northwest. So Louisiana – Florida should monitor. Especially the Florida Panhandle and entire west coast of Florida.

Could we see another Tropical Storm? Could we see a hurricane? Lots of time and much can/will change, but the Old Trosper Gut is churning on this one.

Stay tuned folks.