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Get more payment options with American Express

July 16, 2012 | Tower Hill Insurance

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Tower Hill Partners with American Express to Offer Our Customers More Choices.

Use your American Express® Card to pay your Tower Hill premium….

Frequent traveler? Part-time Florida resident? Busy schedule? Choosing our automatic payment plan provides you budgeting flexibility and more options, such as spreading your installments over 11 payments. We’ll send you a reminder email seven days ahead of time when a payment is scheduled to be charged to your American Express® Card.

We proudly accept American Express® CardsIf you have a new or renewal Tower Hill policy, you can sign up for automatic payments until 30 days past your policy effective date. To enroll in our automatic payment plan using your American Express® Card, visit our secure Customer Portal or contact your insurance agent.

To make a premium payment by phone using your American Express® Card, or if you have a billing question, please contact Tower Hill’s Customer Service Center at 800.342.3407 between 8am and 6pm (ET) Monday through Friday.