Disaster Planning

Your Family’s Disaster Plan

We recommend that you establish a disaster plan for you and your family to be best prepared in the event of an emergency or catastrophe. Included in our Learning Center are tips for preparing for hurricanes, fires, and other disasters. Completing a home inventory before catastrophe strikes saves you time and worry, and it’s easy to do with free online services such as KnowYourStuff.org.

Building a hurricane kit filled with the basics can help you and your family survive more comfortably if you’re temporarily without water or electricity during a storm. Check out the Great Hurricane Blowout for tips on building a hurricane kit, developing a plan, and even recipes to make that do not require electricity.

Tower Hill’s Disaster Plan

Tower Hill updates its corporate disaster plan annually. Our corporate headquarters buildings located in Gainesville, Florida, are equipped with generators to help ensure uninterrupted telephone and systems service in the event of a power outage in our area. Each year our nearly 400 employees are trained to assist our customers in filing catastrophe claims. Catastrophe training is held throughout the year for Tower Hill claims staff and our independent adjusting company partners.

Since 2005, our Lexington, Kentucky, branch has served as our backup location in the event of a catastrophic (CAT) event in Florida. Though our Lexington office is staffed year round with claims adjusters, it is also equipped to handle our systems and telephone needs if our corporate headquarters location in Gainesville suffers damage.


Every year vendor relationships are evaluated and studied to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service in the industry. In 2012, more than 1,000 independent adjusters received Tower Hill certification training. Effectively training our independent adjusters will streamline the claims handling process, improve customer service, and empower adjusters to make decisions in the field. Agreements are in place with several preferred vendors to provide temporary repairs, tarping of roofs, water extraction and board-up for our customers.

Field Teams

In the event of a catastrophe, field teams are deployed to the hardest hit areas first and managed by Tower Hill staff. Tower Hill has 25 catastrophe coordinators trained to lead our response teams. Productivity, accuracy, and timeliness are monitored on a daily basis and feedback is provided to every adjuster to help ensure compliance with our expectations.

During CAT season, Tower Hill utilizes forecast models to help predict potential landfall locations. Using these models helps to determine potential losses, as well as the number and severity of possible claims. Based on this information, we determine where to position our CAT team members, certified independent adjusters and damage mitigation partners to be able to provide the fastest and most efficient response for Tower Hill customers.